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2016 activities will include:

•    Westover’s Family Day in late summer.  This will be our major volunteer and funding activity which will enable over 3,000 reservists and family members to enjoy a fun-filled day on the ellipse.

•    A fundraiser to contribute to funding for the next Great New England Air Show.

•    Continuance of our successful speakers’ program at our monthly Meetings.

•    Participation in the Chicopee Memorial Day Parade and Veterans’ Day activities.

•    We will contribute to the Westover USO, the Airman & Family Readiness Center, the Civil Air Patrol, the Westover Young Marines, Youth Outreach Day and to other Westover military tenants where there is a need.

•    We will consider a bus trip to a location of interest by GCC members.

•    We also will do what we can to provide input to the Westover Community Outreach Initiative and the Massachusetts Military Asset and Security Strategy Task Force in advocating for and expanding use of Westover Air Reserve Base and its place in Western Massachusetts.

We continue to need your help to support our military men and women and to help remind the Department of Defense of the importance of Westover.  Our mission is to support the men and women at Westover, to promote interaction between Westover ARB and its surrounding communities as well as Increase public awareness about what Westover means to us individually and collectively.

None of our activities throughout the year would take place without a lot of work by GCC members who participate.  If anyone has any suggestions or wants to become more involved in an activity to better fulfill our mission, an outline of annual GCC activities and a survey asking if and how you can participate will be published prior to our January meeting.  If you have any comments or are able to become a more active participant in GCC activities, please complete this survey.

I’m proud to be associated with the Galaxy Community Council and its members.  It will continue to be an important part of the Westover Family.  With your help, 2016 will be another successful year for the GCC and Westover ARB.

Sincerely yours,

Bud Shuback, President

The mission of the Galaxy Community Council is to:
Support the military men, women and mission of Westover ARB.
Increase public awareness about what Westover means to local communities.
Promote interaction between Westover ARB and its surrounding communities.
Co-produce the Great New England Air Show.


Westover Community Involvement



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2014/2015 Galaxy Council Officers:
President: Bud Shuback
Vice President: Connie Foster
Secretary: Amy Beth Perry
Treasurer: Paul Aubuchon

Subject: 2016 GCC meeting & events schedule


Meetings of the GCC membership will be held on the third Wednesday of the month.  Advance notice of changes will be posted at


Meeting cancellations due to weather will be posted on WGGB 40 & Fox 6.


Unless otherwise notified, all Board of Directors meetings will be held in the Wing HQ conference room beginning at 1600hrs sharp on the same date.


Full Membership meetings are at the Westover Club.  Dinner is available between 5:30 and 6:15 PM.  The business meeting begins at 6:30 PM sharp.


2016 Meeting Schedule

20 July

17 August

21 September
19 October
16 November
14 December - Christmas dinner meeting


2016 Events


30 May               Memorial Day Parade

6  August           Westover Family Day

11 November      Veterans Day Activities


Other activities including GCC fundraisers will be announced.


Reminder: Seat belt usage is mandatory on Westover ARB. Violators will lose base access privileges for 30 days.

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The Galaxy Community Council is a 501c3 charitable corporation.

It is not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and has no governmental status.

For more information, visit


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